he barback is responsible for doing all of the invisible little tasks that ensure the bar and bartender are able to do their job quickly and efficiently.

Before Service:

Before the shift their main responsibility is to get the bar ready for service. This can mean that the barback is putting away the liquor and beer delivery that came in during the day, stocking each bar station with straws, napkins and coasters, prepping juices for service, cutting garnish and back ups. They basically work with the bartenders to ensure that the bar is fully stocked and ready to open for business.

During Service:

During the shift the barback position is typically one of the busiest in the bar/restaurant. If you ever see a young person that is constantly moving behind the bar and rarely interacting with guests, most likely that is the barback. During a shift they will typically be responsible for cleaning and refilling glassware, changing kegs, cleaning the bar top and restocking everything in the bar from spirits to syrups. Rarely will you see them taking drink orders or mixing drinks.

After Service:

When the bar or restaurant closes for the night, the barback will work with the bartenders to break the bar down. This could mean taking out the trash, restocking bottles and cleaning all the glassware.